Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic Coating

It is a thermal barrier coating (TBC). The layered system is applied to metallic surfaces, such as gas turbine or engine parts operating at elevated temperatures. TBCs are primarily used to insulate metallic components from large and prolonged heat loads. These coatings are produced with thermally insulating materials which can sustain an appreciable temperature difference between the load bearing alloys and the coating surface.

Thermal barrier coatings serve two main functions:

    1. Lower the operating temperature of the structural metal and extend the life of components by reducing oxidation and thermal fatigue.
    2. Allow engines to run at higher temperatures, which improves efficiency.

Excellent for Exhaust Systems

Ceramic coating is ideal for exhaust systems on race cars, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, boats, and many industrial applications. Perfection Powder Coatings doesn’t stop there. Get the same level of performance by using this coating on your intake and exhaust manifold!

Ceramic Coating is ideal for headers

Designed to isolate extreme heat, ceramic coating headers provide many benefits including:

  • Reduction of Heat
  • Increased Flow
  • Corrosive Resistant Barrier
  • Colour Retention
  • Withstand temperatures of 1,300 to 2,000 Fahrenheit
  • Colours to Choose From

Coating your headers in ceramic improves their heat resistance, and keeps them from being tarnished or damaged by the heat. In other words, ceramic coated headers look (and function) the same on mile one as they do on mile 300,000.

A ceramic header coating also provides protection against the corrosive materials in the exhaust. Ceramic is a highly durable substance that resists corrosion and stands up to a large amount of abuse. Properly coated headers are thus much more durable than the thinner pipes of uncoated headers.

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