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Why Choose Perfection Powder Coating?

We strive to meet your specifications better than anyone else.

We are committed to continuing to improve so you come to expect what we expect – Perfection!

Our vision of perfection is quality product, service, and pricing!

Perfection Powder Coatings – high quality, excellence, and competitive pricing.

We provide perfection through high quality products, excellent service and competitive pricing!

Perfection! It’s in the name!

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Powder Coating has become the fastest growing finishing technology in use today. As the popularity of the application has expanded, so has business for Perfection Powder Coatings.

For 25 years, we’ve offered quick turnaround for custom jobs. We believe powder coating is cost effective and superior to most liquid coatings for its:

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Meeting Your Specifications

Perfection Powder Coatings’ manufacturing services provide powder coating of metals and ceramic coating of engine parts according to your specifications. It is our goal to do this better than anyone else! We strive for excellence, so you expect what we expect – Perfection! It’s in the name!

Our History

Perfection Powder Coatings was founded in 1996. Since the beginning, we have operated with the philosophy that if we provide a high-quality product, delivered on time and at a competitive price, you would seek us out. Over the years, we have grown from a small two person powder coating shop to a company with nine employees.

In 2001, ceramic coating was added to our list of services. By continually upgrading our equipment and improving our operations, we’ve stayed on the path to perfection. Give us a try. We’d love to add you to our long list of satisfied customers!

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